Let’s get to work

I love to do therapy and coaching in English.

My experiences include years of working for english-speaking, multicultural companies as well as doing therapy with people from different parts of the english-speaking world. I am also actively involved in the international Gestalt therapy community.

  • Depression and Burnout
  • Anxiety and Insecurities
  • Low or volatile self worth
  • Difficulties in relationships (with partners, family, friends, superiors or colleagues)
  • Mental health crises including suicidality
  • Hyper alertness and triggers due to past traumatic experiences
  • Narcissistic and emotional abuse
  • Highly sensitive persons, adult ADHD, Neurodivergency as a spectrum (including highly gifted individuals)
  • Support at eye level: you are the expert for your life, not me. But I will be present and support you in identifying what could be changed, changing what should, and enduring what can´t.
  • The Here-and-Now: whatever is troubling you in your life will become apparent sooner or later in our sessions. Working with whatever pops up in the moment enhances your mental, physical and emotional awareness to see clearer, feel easier and find new and better ways forward.
  • Authentic dialogue: I am a woman with opinions, feelings and experiences and I see you as an equal, with your own set of opinions, feelings and experiences. We might even disagree sometimes, and that´s OK.
  • Creativity: From time to time I will offer “experiments” that might include moving around or breathing consciously, tools (such as chairs, toys, crayons, etc.) or specific techniques (like EMDR, Brainspotting, EFT). I also like to give “homework”. You will always have the freedom to decline.
  • My fees for Psychotherapy are € 120,- per session (50 minutes). Parts of those costs will be reimbursed by Austrian health insurance (€ 31,50 to 45,- per session).
  • Coaching fees will be € 140,- per session (50 minutes).

Please feel free to contact me to schedule a non-committal and cost-free first session to find out if you can see yourself working with me.

LGBTQ+ welcome! (including poly, kinky, aro/ace and questioning)